The BigBang logo is inspired by the Taijitu and the Golden Ratio.


analyzing open source communities

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BigBang is a tool for scientific analysis of open source communities.


We welcome your contributions to the BigBang community. To get in touch with us, please file an issue on GitHub or subscribe to our discussion list.


We are pleased to announce the official release of BigBang v0.1.0.

This release is a proof of concept. It shows the potential of combining data collected from open collaborative projects with scientific Python tools in one easy package. With six contributors and a host of features, we are off to a great start.

Functionality included in this release:

  • Mailman and W3C mailing list crawling.
  • .mbox parsing and data cleaning, including invalid date detection.
  • Preprocessing functionality for viewing archival data as daily activity and interaction networks.
  • Entity resolution with Levenshtein edit distance.
  • Email threading.
  • Analysis examples in IPython Notebooks demonstrating network analysis and cohort visualization.

Thanks so much to all of you who have participated in this project or expressed interest in it so far.